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The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh
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User Guide/Policy 

1. (a)  Every students will have to obtain a Library Reading Card from the Library @ Tk. 200.00 when admitted at the Institute to use the reading room facilities. The card will remain valid for one year which needs to be renewed further in every year by paying Tk 200.00 only (subject to change).
 (b)  Cards will be issued to members, teachers and officials of the Institute free of cost.
2. A student will be allowed to borrow books by depositing prescribed caution money for which “Borrower Card” will be issued to lend out reading materials. Reading materials will be issued initially for a period of one month, which after then will be renewed for next 15 days only. The rate of caution money would be minimum Tk.1000.00 and maximum commensurate with the cost of borrowed books. Only two books will be issued at a time against each Borrower Card. The price of borrowed books must not exceed the caution money. Borrowed books should be returned to the Institute’s library within the due date, failing which delay fee of Tk. 1.00 per day will be charged per book. The caution money will be refunded after surrender of Borrower Card.
3. Books will not be issued from the library when the minimum quantity of a particular book becomes less than 05(five) copies in the library.
4. A member of the Institute will be allowed to borrow a maximum of 03(three) books at a time from the library for 60 days against library cards. Within 60 days books will be returned or be renewed for another 30 days time, failing which delay fee of Tk. 1.00 per day per book will be charged.
5. A teacher of the Institute will be allowed to borrow a maximum of 05(five) books at a time from the library for a particular session against library cards. Within 15 days of the completion of class of the session the teacher shall have to return the books to the library to take clearance from the library for final settlement of teachers honorarium, failing which final payment will remain withheld.
6. Members and teachers of the Institute may borrow a maximum of 02(two) periodicals at a time from the library for 15(fifteen) days against library cards. The periodicals should be returned or renewed within 15(fifteen) days from   the date of issue, failing which delay fee of Tk. 0.50 will be charged per periodical per day.
7. When taking out a book or printed materials from the library, Gate Pass and the related   material must be produced at the checkpoint near exit.
8. Every student has to show the Library Reading Card at the entry point of the Library.
9. The books/periodicals excepting restricted ones will be lent out to the borrowers at the entrance point of the library.
10. Use of Library/Borrower Card except by the bonafied person is prohibited.
11. Borrowers and users shall assume the obligation of keeping the library books and reading materials in good condition and returning them in due time. Material damaged, defaced or lost must be replaced so that it may be available to others. If it is not done, borrower will be charged the replacement cost.
12. For inventory on 30th June each year, all outstanding reading materials/books/periodicals must be returned to the library by the borrowers within June 20 of the relevant year.
13. A penalty as fixed by the authority from time to time will be realised from the students retaining the reading materials beyond due date.
14. A caution money will be forfeited against borrowed books if not returned within the given time. Any dues until cleared by the defaulter, his/her borrowing facilities will remain withheld.
15. Students will have to deposit personal books and other belongings to the attendant at the entry point of the library. Library discipline must be maintained by the library users. Students must retrain themselves from undesirable gossiping, discussion and conversation in the library while they remain in the library.
16. Keeping valuables in t

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